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4454 Woodward Ave Detroit MI, 48201
phone 313.832.6622

Museum Hours

Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Thursday & Friday: 11am - 8pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Mobile Homestead Hours

Friday - Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Phone 313.832.4944

Café 78 Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm
Closed Mondays

Our Mission

MOCAD is where adventurous minds encounter the best in contemporary visual, literary, music, and performing arts. A responsive center for diverse audiences, MOCAD presents art that contextualizes, interprets, educates and expands culture, pushing us to the edges of contemporary experience.


MOCAD suggests a donation of $5 for entry into its exhibitions during normal operating hours. This donation is offered on a sliding scale, which allows the public to "pay what they can" to support the Museum. Members, students and children under the age of 12 will continue to receive free admission. Admission into public programs and other special events may vary. MOCAD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Policies and Tips for Visiting the Museum
Our policies help protect the artwork and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.

No works of art, vitrines, or pedestals may be touched.

Still photography for personal use is permitted. No flash, tripods, or camera extension poles allowed. Videotaping for personal use is permitted in the lobby only. The Museum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph or videotape anywhere on its premises. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission from the Museum.

Coats and umbrellas may be left at owner's risk in our unattended checkroom. Large items such as suitcases and shopping bags are not allowed in the galleries and we do not recommend bringing them to the Museum.

Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Food and Drinks
Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the Museum. Food and drinks are permitted only in Cafe 78 and may not be carried into the galleries or other areas.

Mobile Phones
Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the Museum's galleries.

Mobility Access
All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available in the checkroom free of charge.

Sketching is permitted in the galleries (pencil only, no ink or paint) with sketchbooks no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches (21.6 x 27.9 cm). No easels, stools, or sketching while sitting on the floor is permitted.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Museum.

Our Space

Located on Woodward and Garfield between the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Institute of the Arts, Wayne State University and the College for Creative Studies, the museum is an innovative addition to Detroit's vibrant Midtown neighborhood, and functions as a hub for the exploration of emerging ideas in the contemporary arts. The 22,000 square foot building, a former auto dealership, has been simply renovated to maintain its historic character. With its raw, flexible and cavernous spaces, the building is well suited to the exhibition of contemporary art. Our ambitious series of public programs includes lectures, musical performances, films, literary readings and educational activities for children.


MOCAD's building has ground-level entry, with one accessible main entrance and is a one-story building with no need for stairs or elevators. The building is accessible by public transportation, and has designated handicap parking spaces. The assembly areas of the building are adaptable to integrated and dispersed wheelchair seating as necessary. MOCAD's exhibit areas and counters are wheelchair-accessible. The gift store manager is aware of ADA requirements and trains staff how to assist those with extra needs. Guided tours are available for those who are vision impaired. MOCAD has a list of sign language interpreters to call in as needed for our lectures and talks.Our bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible, with accessible sinks and water fountains. MOCAD has a designated staff member responsible for overseeing accessibility, and another to oversee our planned accessibility updates to our website. Front desk staff are trained to address accessibility questions and service animal etiquette.

Museum Tours

Please contact the museum by email or phone at 313.832.6622 to schedule a tour. All MOCAD tours are free and open to the public.

Parking and Directions to MOCAD

Detroit is getting a street car line, the M1 Rail! As such construction has made some areas of Woodward Avenue difficult to travel. For full lane closures and directions, check the M1 Rail's interactive map here.

Our parking lot is located off of Garfield St. We recommend taking John R to Garfield. If you are traveling from I-75 northbound take the exit at Mack Ave. to John R north. If you are traveling southbound on I-75, take the Warren exit west to John R south. Visitors traveling from the M-10 Lodge Freeway take the Forest Ave exit east to John R south.

Please call the Museum at 313.832.6622 if you need further assistance

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Photo + Film Use Policy

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit reviews all filming/photography requests on a case-by-case basis. A review of requests for the Museum to be featured in advertising commercials depends on the nature of the product and context. A request for the Museum to be featured in films depends on the nature of the film.

  • The Museum may not be used as a background shot for a generic museum or gallery to be fabricated later in film.
  • Location fees vary. Fee may vary depending and according to the type of publicity/identification the Museum receives. Fee does not include Museum guard/staff costs, which are $40 per person, per hour. Location fees are not charged for shoots that are part of newspaper/magazine editorials that promote the Museum.
  • Shooting set-up may not prevent Museum patrons from entering or exiting any entrance of the Museum.
  • Works of art may not be moved or altered in any manner.
  • Certain works are protected by an artist's copyright and can only be photographed in a general gallery view, in which the copyright-protected artwork is not the primary focus or predominant element in the photograph. Should you wish to photograph works that fall into this category, advance permission is required. Some works may only be available for photography by agreeing to pay fees instituted by the copyright holder.
  • Proof of $1 million insurance policy is required prior to the shoot.
  • Catering must be contracted through Cafe 78 and/or a vendor from MOCAD's Preferred Vendors list for any on site food and beverage service. No other catering service may be brought on the premise, with the exception of individual bottled water.

All requests must be submitted in writing 10 business days in advance of requested date.

Completion of your request does not imply permission. Permission will be contingent upon review of answers to requested information below. You will be notified of Museum approval for your plans in advance and informed of any direct costs related to security, cleaning crew and/or electrical, in addition to location fee.

Download MOCAD's Photo + Film Use Request Form Here.

Submit your completed request to Leto Rankine, Marketing + Sales Manager at lrankine@mocadetroit.org.

If you have additional questions about the Museum's policy, please contact 313-832-6622.


Exhibition programming support is generously provided by the Taubman Foundation.

Sanford Biggers Subjective Cosmology is supported by the Joyce Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, Massimo De Carlo and Monique Meloche. ​ ​

MOCAD's operations are supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Masco Corporation Foundation, Erb Family Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Erb Family Foundation approved unrestricted operating support for 38 cultural and arts organizations, including larger organizations that have had historical significance to the family and other organizations that are essential elements of a strong core central City and vibrant neighborhoods.

Funding to support the Susanne Feld Hilberry Senior Curator at Large, Jens Hoffmann, is provided by the Susanne Feld Hilberry Endowment for the Arts and Noreen Khalid Ahmad.

DETROIT CITY funding is provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Kayne Foundation (Ric & Suzanne Kayne and Jenni, Maggie & Saree).

Detroit Speaks funding is provided by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

MOCAD Capital support is provided by Midtown Detroit, Inc. and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA).

MOCAD's 2016-2021 Strategic Planning Initiative is funded in part by a generous grant from the Kresge Foundation.

MOCAD Youth Programs are graciously funded by the General Motors Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Neiman Marcus, the Applebaum Family Compass Fund, MGM Resorts Foundation, and the Michigan Council for Art and Cultural Affairs.

The EB/SS Junior Docents and other educational programs are supported by the Edith S. Briskin/Shirley K. Schlafer Foundation.

The Mike Kelley Mobile Homestead is commissioned by Artangel in association with MOCAD, LUMA Foundation and Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts with the generous support of the Artangel International Circle. Support for Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead is provided by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

MOCAD would like to thank our Leadership Circle (Jennifer and David Fischer, Linda Dresner and Ed Levy, Marsha and Jeffrey Miro, Roz and Scott Jacobson, Danialle and Peter Karmanos, Sonia and Keith Pomeroy, Sandy Seligman and Gil Glassberg, and, Julie Reyes Taubman and Robert Taubman) for making these programs possible: Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead, Lectures, Poetry, Performance Art, Exhibitions, Film, DEPE Space, Music, Family Day, Public Programming, Education, Literature, and Museum Operations.

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters:

MGM Resorts Foundation

Knight Foundation

Masco Corporation Foundation

Erb Family

Applebaum Compass Fund

The Kresge Foundation

Quicken Loans

GM Foundation

Joyce Foundation

Rauschenberg Foundation

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan


Neiman Marcus

MOCAD would like to thank our Leadership Circle for making these programs possible:
Donor Circle

MOCAD is also supported by individuals, additional foundations, and galleries
We thank these $500+ and Annual Fund donors:

Burt Aaron, Maggie Allesee, Janet Ankers, Lisa Applebaum, Pamela Applebaum, Ralph Basile, Berman Foundation, Christopher Bloodworth, Liz Boone, Julie Borman, Dr. Charles Boyd , Gavin Brown, Jean Casey, Daniel Caudill, Karen Christlieb, Liz Cohen, Lynn Crawford, Paula Crown, Zac Cruse, Lauren Daitch, Ethan D. Davidson, David DeMuth, Donald Dipace, Robert DiPilla, Linda Dresner, Elle Elder, Nicole Eisenberg, Leslie Lewiston Etterbeek, Greg Fadell, Jennifer Fischer, Elyse Foltyn, Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation, Henrietta Fridholm, Lynn Gandhi, Marc Gardner, Eugene Gargaro, Jr., Charles Gelfond, Monica George, Ralph Gerson, Dan Gilbert, Katherine Briggs Goldberg, David Goldburg, Liz and Johnathan Goldman, Jennifer Hermelin, Ilitch Holdings, Karen Jacobson, Michelle Jacobson, Roz Jacobson, Emily Janz, Juliette Jonna, Bruce Kahn, Steven Kalczynski, Danialle Karmanos, Michael Kramer, Ian Krawiecki Gazes, Dave Kwiatkowski, Dr. Myron Laban, Jennie Lamensdorf, Max Lepler, Stephen J. Leslie, Steven Levine, Steven Lewis, William Leung, Todd Levin, Molly Limmer, Robert Littman, Marsha Miro, Marisa Murillo, Carmen A. N'Namdi, Michelle Nelson, Kristin Nicholson, Michelle Perron, Keith Pomeroy, Linda Powers, Fair Radom, Lori Rapp, Caroline Reid, Michael Stone-Richards, Katherine Rines, Aimee Roberts, Amy Roemer, Richard Rollins, Justine Russo, Jonsara Ruth, Howard Rosenberg, Andre Sakhai, Salvador Salort-Pons, Dr. Glenn Saperstein, Allison Sarofim, Linda Schafer, Bluma Schechter, Jeremy Scholar, Jane Schulak, Marc Schwartz, Devin Scillian, Sandy Seligman, Sarai Brachman Shoup, Mary Clare Stevens, Cate Strumbos, Jane Suitor, Shelley Tauber, Julie Reyes Taubman, William Todd, Jasmine T Tsou, Rodger Wasserman, Thomas Wilczak, Lawrence Wolf, Walter Wolpin, Carol Ziecik

Donor list updated December 31, 2015 and all donations received in the previous 12 months. We thank all previous donors to MOCAD.

If we have made any errors regarding your annual listing please contact the Museum at info@mocadetroit.org or by phone at 313.832.6622.
Thank you!


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